Mobile Sizing App - iPhone & Android

Gastite releases new mobile application to assist its customers in pinpointing the appropriate size Gastite flexible gas piping for their project. Use scroll wheels to select length of run, supply pressure, pressure drop and flow rate, then let the app do the rest of the calculating for you. Now available for FREE download in iTunes and Android.

Advanced Sizing Services

Gastite offers advanced sizing services on all commercial projects at no charge. Years of experience and collaboration with industry's finest are applied to deliver designs that render the most efficient gas piping installations. Submit your next project to Gastite! Contact the Gastite Technical Support Team at 800.662.0208 to submit your drawings and begin your project today.
    •    Available for all commercial projects
    •    Cost-effective designs that incorporate all approved gas piping materials
    •    Receive a complete set of CAD drawings ready for plan check review
    •    Electronic AutoCAD files
    •    "D" size hard copies (22" x 30")
    •    Engineering relationships (ASPE)
    •    Code knowledge
    •    Gas company relationships
    •    Quick turnaround

Sizing Charts

The following sizing tables are utilized to determine the proper size and maximum capacity of Gastite Flexible Gas Piping in cubic feet per hour based on total appliance load and total length of runs.

Natural Gas Sizing Charts
Propane Gas Sizing Charts


Pressure Drop Tables

Table 7-21
Pressure Drop of Natural Gas in Gastite CSST

Based on gas pressure of 0.5 PSI or less and a 0.60 specific gravity.

Table 7-22
Pressure Drop of Propane Gas in Gastite CSST

Based on gas pressure of 0.5 PSI or less and a 0.60 specific gravity.

Table 7-24
Steel IPS Pipe Pressure Drop Table

Pressure Drop Per Foot - Inches of Water Column for Iron Pipe. Based on a gas of 0.60 specific gravity.

Tables include losses for four 90° bends and two end fittings. Tubing runs with a larger number of bends and/or fittings shall be increased by an equivalent length of tubing to the following equation: L=1.3n where L is additional length of tubing and n is the number of additional fittings and/or bends. Conversion factor for use with propane: Divide BTUs of LPG by 1535 to obtain equivalent CFH of Natural Gas.


Design the layout of your gas supply system using Gastite's Size-It software. Based on the design you create, the appropriate pipe sizes will be calculated automatically. A materials list will be generated, including recommended components and estimated material costs.

Sum of Pressure Loss Worksheet

With Gastite’s Excel-based workbook, it’s easy to calculate the pressure at the start and end of a run. Use this resource to enter the details for your gas system and determine the sum of pressure loss. There’s even a worksheet with a reserved area to enter a drawing of your project.


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