FlashShield™ System

FlashShield™ CSST provides the highest lightning resistivity and is the only metallically-shielded gas piping on the market. FlashShield meets strict criteria of both LC1024 and LC1027. CSST supplies natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas to appliances with safety and flexibility. Simple hand tools such as tubing cutters, wrenches and utility knives are all that are needed to work with the FlashShield components. Click here to get your FREE FlashShield Factsheet.

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing >>

FlashShield™ Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) supplies natural gas or LP gas to appliances. FlashShield is a reliable, lightning-resistant system that can be installed in all modes of construction. Flexibility and no additional bonding means quick and easy installations: FlashShield® installs 30-70% faster than traditional piping methods.

Quick Connects & Accessories >>

Quick-Connect valve and accessories provide a safe and easy "quick-connect" for barbecue grills, space heaters and decorative lighting. Recessed mounted quick connect boxes are available in stainless steel.Use quality shut-off ball valves to control gas flow to appliances and pounds-to-inches regulators.

Fittings >>

FlashShield™ fittings are designed with a patent pending feature that bites through the first layer of semi conductive polymer and into the metal mesh. This creates electrical continuity throughout the system. The fitting's sealing surface does not sit on the cut end of the tubing, so even the most unsightly cut will yield a tight seal. With no o-rings or gaskets, the reusable brass components provide a reliable metal-to-metal installation.

Tubing Cutters & Accessories >>

Tubing Cutters, fitted with cutting wheels designed to cut stainless steel, create clean cuts for optimal flaring of tubing. The Gastite 18" Spud Wrench provides the ability to get into tight spaces, while its smooth jaws delivers traction without marring surfaces (fits up to 2-inch fittings).

Mounting Hardware >>

Termination brackets, rooftop blocks, recessed gas outlet boxes, and manifold brackets. Everything needed to properly and conveniently install FlashShield™ flexible gas piping in commercial, industrial and residential applications.

Bonding Clamps >>

Bonding clamps for proper bonding and grounding are required for Gastite installation.

Modular Stub System >>

The FlashShield™ Modular Stub System creates a fixed point "stub-out" on a wall or floor surface for meter and appliance attachment. Reducing the number of joints in the system where "stub-outs" are typically fabricated from rigid pipe nipples, elbows and couplings, the Modular Stub System is aesthetically pleasing and a time saver.

Regulators >>

Gastite® offers Maxitrol, Pietro Fiorentini, and OARA regulators for use in elevated pressure systems (in excess of 1/2 psi) to reduce pressure to standard appliance use levels. Outdoor vent protectors and vent line protectors for end termination are also available.

Strike Protection >>

Where flexible gas piping passes through structural members and is restricted from moving to avoid potential puncture threats, Gastite® recommends striker plates for protection. Steel conduit is also available to provide additional protection where striker plates cannot be easily installed.

System Identification >>

Adhesive Labels for are offered to identify elevated pressure systems, as well as metal tags for Uniform Plumbing Code compliance.


Manifolds provide central distribution point for individual runs to each appliance.