Technical Bulletins

Pietro Fiorentini Regulator Capacity Capacities Update - TB2017-02

Gastite and FlashShield ASTM E84 and CAN/ULC S102.2, 25/50 rating - TB2016-01

FS and XR3™ Series Fittings Listed and Used with Gastite CSST - TB2015-08

Tubing Cutters for FlashShield & Gastite CSST - TB2016-03

Handling and Cutting Tips for 2" CSST - TB2015-03

Electrical Bonding of Gastite® CSST - TB2014-01

All other previous technical bulletins have been incorporated to the most current edition of the Gastite Design and Installation Guide. Any new technical bulletins will be posted to this page upon release.


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