Gastite® FlashShield™ Certification Training Now Available Online

November 9, 2015

Gastite®, a leading manufacturer of flexible gas piping, has announced their FlashShield™ Design and Installation Certification Course is now available to take online. The course is intended for industry professionals only.  Successful completion of the interactive online course, in addition to your local industry requirements, qualifies licensed professionals to be certified by Gastite, and authorizes them to purchase and install the company’s innovative FlashShield CSST gas piping system.

“Previously, certification training has only been conducted on a job site or at a designated facility,” Patrick Cruz, Marketing Manager of Gastite said. “We developed the online training option so that our customers can choose to take it whenever and wherever works best for them.” Though completion of the course takes about an hour, customers are encouraged to work at their own pace. It does not need to be finished in one sitting.

Designed to work with the FlashShield Design and Installation Guide that can be downloaded, the course incorporates a comprehensive overview of FlashShield, which is the only system on the market that is metallically-shielded, features the highest lightning resistivity, and is listed to the ICC-ES PMG LC1027 standard. Through a series of slides, audio, video, and animation, the online program is organized into sections with a series of questions at the end of each section. Customers must answer the questions correctly before moving to the next section.

Once the course has been successfully completed, the customer will receive a temporary license number. The certification is valid for three years.

“Traditional, on-site training sessions are still available,” Patrick Cruz added. “They are scheduled in advance, usually for groups, and conducted by a certified Gastite instructor. Whether customers opt for in-person or online training, our objective is to provide them with thorough information that’s easy to understand and helps them do their jobs the right way and in a timely manner.”  

Click here for more information on FlashShield and the FlashShield Certification Training Course or contact Gastite Customer Service at (800) 662-0208, or at