Engineering Specs

Product Sample Specification Language
FlashShield+ Specification
FlashShield Specification
LC1027-rated CSST Specification

Natural Gas Piping
Liquified Petroleum Gas Piping

FlashShield Tube & Fittings
FlashShield CSST
XR3 Fitting
XR3 Female Fitting
XR3 Reducing Fitting
XR3 Tee Fittings
XR3 Coupling

Termination Fittings
XR3 Term Fitting Square Flange
XR3 Term Fitting Bronze Flange
XR3 Term Fitting No Flange
XR3 Term Bracket Fitting

XR3 Modular Stub

Mounting Hardware
XR3 Recessed Gas Outlet Box
XR3 Recessed Firestop Gas Outlet Box

Stub-Outs & Manifolds
Straight Stub-Out
Double Appliance Stub-Out
Deck Stub-Out
Angle Stub-Out

Mounting Hardware
Term Fitting Mounting Kit
Manifold Mounting Kit
Gas Load Center Kit
Metal Tubing Straps

Pipe Support System
Rubber Support Blocks

Protection Devices
Striker Plates
Self Bonding Tape
Steel Conduit

Bonding Clamps

Shut-Off Valves
Ball Valve
90 Degree Valve

Outdoor Flex Connectors

Quick Connect Valves
Quick Connect Valve 3/8” 90˚
Quick Connect Valve  1/2 “ Straight
Quick Connect Box White PVC Surface Mounted (see Model# G0101-6W-50)
Quick Connect Box Gray PVC Surface Mounted (see Model# G0101-6G-50)
Quick Connect Box, Stainless Door – Recessed Mounted (see Model # GR0101-SS-50)
Quick Connect Stainless Steel Surface Mounted (see Model # BBQ-SS-50)

Tubing Cutters and Blades
Tubing Cutter
Replacement Blades

Maxitrol 2 PSI Reg 
Maxitrol 5 PSI Reg
Maxitrol Line Regulator Guide Book (Natural Gas, LP/Propane see page 13 for Vent Protectors)
Pietro Fiorentini

System Identification
Elevated Pressure Labels
UPC Metal Tags


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