FlashShield™ and ARCOM Sign Agreement to Customize Product Resources for Specifiers

August 15, 2016

Portland, TN (August 15, 2016)FlashShield™, the leader in flexible gas piping for natural gas and LP, and ARCOM, the leader in specifications, are pleased to announce that FlashShield product data and customized specifications are available through ARCOM’s software platforms to architects, engineers and design professionals.

ARCOM and Flashshield have worked together to create customized versions of the industry-trusted MasterSpec® sections to accurately specify FlashShield’s unique products. Along with these specification sections, FlashShield’s product catalog and data sheets are easily accessible to specifiers when working on their projects.

FlashShield, made by Gastite, is the leading flexible gas piping on the market.  “We take safety and quality very seriously,” states Ed Glende, Commercial Sales Manager.  “Aligning ourselves with ARCOM, the leading specification platform, makes perfect sense.  It allows us to provide the most up-to-date and correct information to specifiers worldwide.”

ARCOM and FlashShield believe this relationship will benefit all design professionals as they select and specify products. 



About FlashShield

FlashShield flexible gas piping provides installation time savings for the contractor, and allows for greater design flexibility around the use of gas fired appliances for the architect and contractor.  FlashShield metallically shielded flexible gas pipe provides the highest level of lightning protection available and is the only flexible gas piping product to meet the electrical arcing requirements of the ICC-ES PMG LC1027 listing criteria. Due to product flexibility, FlashShield piping can be routed through a structure similarly to pulling wire.  The continuous nature of the piping runs reduces fitting connections and potential leak points by up to 80% that would otherwise be present in a rigid gas piping installation.


ARCOM, the specification experts, exclusively publishes MasterSpec®, a product of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), reaching over 60,000 design professionals involved in building projects. ARCOM owns and publishes SpecText® for use by engineers for infrastructure projects, including water and wastewater utilities and equipment. ARCOM provides extensive product and manufacturer information through cloud-based specification resources, custom manufacturer specifications, and the SpecBuilder Expert platform. ARCOM's innovative software specification tools and resources dramatically simplify specification creation, research, and project management. Follow ARCOM on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and our blog.



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       Marketing Manager
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       Communications Manager
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