FlashShield™ CSST Sizing Calculator

Our FlashShield™ Sizing Calculator has been developed for you to easily create a customized sizing table to help design a FlashShield fuel gas piping system layout. The calculator can be used for a natural gas or propane system and you can include custom gas supply pressures, pressure drops and lengths of CSST.

The FlashShield gas piping system is required to be tested, listed, and installed in accordance with the ANSI LC1 Standard. Determine the local piping restrictions prior to installing the flexible gas piping. Confirm that the local administrative authority has accepted the use of flexible gas piping. Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing has been accepted by all major code bodies, but local or state adoption of these codes often lags behind. Check with the local administrative authority or an authorized FlashShield distributor for approval in your area.

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Select English or Metric Units.
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List supply pressure then choose pressure drop.
Adjust the Specific Gravity if needed.
List the minimum and maximum length, then the length increment.
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