Sizing the job has never been so easy!

Design the layout of your gas supply system using Gastite's Size-It software. Based on the design you create, the appropriate pipe sizes will be calculated automatically. A materials list will be generated, including recommended components and estimated material costs. So put away your calculator and let Size-It do the work for you - compliments of Gastite.

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Simply click here to download the latest version of the Gastite Size-It Program. (Updated 3-15-2013)

Please click here to download program instructions.

System Requirements:

Size-It will run on Windows machines running Win 95 or newer with at least .8 MB free hard disk space.

Technical Specifications:

This stand alone applications software has been developed to aid in the sizing of Gastite fuel gas piping systems using sizing equations specific to the Gastite tubing.

SizeIt 3.1 will size pipe runs for:
 •   Gastite: 1/2" to 2"
 •   Black pipe: 1/2" to 2"
 •   Underground PE Pipe: can be sized using the respective rigid pipe sizes
    (this technique is slightly conservative)

The Sizing Utility can be utilized for the following designs:
 •   Single meter
 •   Long series systems
 •   Single manifold systems
 •   Hybrid Systems (steel trunk with CSST branches)
 •   Un-regulated single pressure systems
 •   Regulated dual pressure systems.

Please Note: Unlike black pipe, the flow characteristics of CSST varies from manufacturer to manufacturer; therefore this utility will not give accurate results for other brands of CSST.

The use of the summation method of pipe sizing, the use of this utility as an aid to the summation method and all Gastite system designs and installations are subject to all local fuel gas and building codes. The user is responsible for applying sound engineering principles to any gas pipe design developed with this utility or Gastite CSST.


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