FlashShield™ Mounting Hardware


The Modular Stub System creates a fixed point “stub-out” on a wall or floor surface for meter and appliance attachment. Reducing the number of joints in the system where “stub-outs” are typically fabricated from rigid pipe nipples, elbows and couplings, the Modular Stub System is aesthetically pleasing and a time saver.

  • Termination Bracket provides mounting surface for termination fitting assembly.
  • Manifold Bracket provides mounting platform for manifolds, supplied with adhesive port labeling.
  • Gas Load Center creates a recessed cabinet for a more polished look to manifold assembly.
  • XROUTLETBOX creates a secure recessed termination point for connection to moveable appliances.

Materials / Specification

  • Termination Bracket – 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal.
  • MBRACE-1 Mounting Kit made of 16 gauge galvanized sheet metal.
  • Fits 3-PORTMAN, 3-PORTMAN-1, 4-PORTMAN, 5-PORTMAN and 111596-08.
  • MBRACE-3 Mounting Kit made of 14 gauge galvanized sheet metal.
  • Fits 5-PORTMAN-1, 5-PORTMAN-2, 5-PORTMAN-3 and 4-PORTMAN-2.
  • 4-PORTMAN-3 requires installer supplied mounting brackets.
  • Gas Load Center – 20 gauge steel with a white, polyester powder coat finish.
  • Metal Tubing Straps – 22, 20 or 18 gauge sheet metal, depending on size.
  • XROUTLETBOX – Ball Valve ANSI Z21.15 or ANSI/ASME B16.33.

Engineering Specs

Pipe Supports (PDF 34kB)

XR2 Outlet Box (PDF 40kB)

XR2 Fire Rated Outlet Box (PDF 46kB)

Gastite Load Center (PDF 209kB)

FlashShield™ Mounting Hardware

Gas Load Center Kit

Gas Load Center Kit
Part No. Description Pkg. Qty. Lb./Box
GLC1-PANEL    Gas Load Center Panel Cover - Vented 1 Ea. 4.0
GLC1    Gas Load Center Kit - 14-1/2" x 24" x 3-1/2" 1 Ea. 11.8

Termination Brackets

Termination Brackets
Part No. Description Pkg. Qty. Lb./Box
LBRACE-1-20    Term. Fitting Mounting Kit - Fits 3/8" - 1" CSST 20/Box 9.0

Manifold Bracket

Manifold Bracket
Part No. Description Pkg. Qty. Lb./Box
MBRACE-1-10    Manifold Mounting Kit - Fits 3-PORTMAN 4-PORTMAN 5-PORTMAN 111596-08. 10/Box 16.0
MBRACE-3-10    Manifold Mounting Kit - Fits 5-PORTMAN-1 5-PORTMAN-2 5-PORTMAN-3 4-PORTMAN-2 10/Box 16.0

Pipe Supports

Pipe Supports
Part No. Description Pkg. Qty. Lb./Box
MSTRAPS-6-250    Metal Tubing Strap - Fits 3/8" CSST 250/Box 4.1
MSTRAPS-8-250    Metal Tubing Strap - Fits 1/2" CSST 250/Box 4.6
MSTRAPS-11-150    Metal Tubing Strap - Fits 3/4" CSST 150/Box 3.1
MSTRAPS-16-100    Metal Tubing Strap - Fits 1" CSST 100/Box 3.7
MSTRAPS-20-50    Metal Tubing Strap - Fits 1-1/4" CSST 50/Box 3.0
MSTRAPS-24-50    Metal Tubing Strap - Fits 1-1/2" CSST 50/Box 4.5
MSTRAPS-32-25    Metal Tubing Strap - Fits 2" CSST 25/Box 2.5
RB0-10-4    Rubber Support Block (10"L x 4" ht) 1 Ea. 4.9
RB1-10-5    Rubber Support Block w/ 7/8˝ Galv. Steel Channel (10˝L x 5˝H) 1 Ea. 6.0
RB1-29-5    Rubber Support Block w/ 7/8˝ Galv. Steel Channel (29˝34L x 5˝H) 1 Ea. 18.0
RB2-10-12    Rubber Support Block w/ Adjustable Height 7/8˝ Galv. Steel Channel (10"L x 5" to 12" H) 1 Ea. 7.7